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New possibilities for film and media literacy

On Friday Nov 16th 2012 the European Commission held a film and media literacy conference in order to discuss funding opportunities available within the framework of the Creative Europe Programme. The aim of the conference was to prepare and promote the planned action lines for film literacy and media literacy.

The Creative Europe Programme will, for the first time in EU funding policy, include two explicit funding possibilities for film literacy and media literacy:
- Media literacy in the cross-sectorial strand
- Film literacy in the MEDIA strand

The European Commission believes that media and film literacy is an important building block of EU policy on cultural diversity and on strengthening the European identity of children and young people. Film literacy is also important in building future audiences for European cinema.

The Commission wants to reinforce the multitude of existing good practices by encouraging cross-border cooperation and by supporting networks to help these initiatives to circulate. The conference will help us to design the parameters of a future funding scheme for media and film literacy and ensure that we respond to the needs of potential beneficiaries.